Lefty Demo

by Bucolic

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released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Bucolic Pitman, New Jersey

Bucolic is music written and performed by Seth Carpenter.


Contact @ Sethcechinacea@gmail.com

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Track Name: Set Back
Set back from the others
Had my druthers I'd be
Cut up all dismembered
And tossed out in the sea

Forever overwhelmed and
Forever underpaid
Put me underground
Where under skies
I once laid

Oh I'm coming back to see

Held you just a day back
Won't you lay back with me
Travel several hours
Taste is sour but free

Winter she is broken
You've awoken this being
Come now follow me here
Let us be clear and see

Oh I'm coming back to see
Track Name: Lefty
I'm old old news I know
You watched me show my show
You're off off with your dreams
I'm old or so it seems

I'm shouting in the faces
Of all those long lost places
I scream they shy away
Oh how I wish they'd stay

I'm torn between the sides
Left out in my right mind
I long long to create
And build build my estate
But what is it all worth
Some things a house some turf

If I sit in the left
I'll be alone bereft
Of color
Of sick
Of soul
What makes me me
Or so I'm told
Track Name: In a wall
Caught an open door walked through and saw
Saw an open door thats all
I wake every day from light I run
Trying to escape the thoughts of the one

You're a broken sprit I see in your eyes
Used to hold you close and dug deep in your thighs
Oh what was your taste I can not recall
Hope it was a waste and you're off in a wall
Track Name: Gus
What did I want and where'd I go
What did I want to know
Seeing fourteen of crystal clean
Shining ice in the snow
Resonance beaming
Pawns who know just how to steal the show
I sure won't see with all you guys
shooting arrows from bows
Bellows sounds of thunder
Perhaps sounds of hunger
I'll know just as soon as the wind blows

Slurring the words of men before
Who could want so much more
Forgetting the ice and hit the floor
Hopefully not get torn
Stand up and play and when you leave
You're asked for an encore
Phobias leave me alone so
I can walk through that door

Seek amor
Track Name: DRIFFS
Put a wrap a wrap around my soul
I'll be back
Said I'll be back

Went west right on down that road
Caught a breath a mix that smelled like mold
I'll take that
Said I'll take that

Left you left you to sit there wishing
Could have hopped up on a boat went fishing
But there you sat
I said I'll be back

Ooh baby hope you're doing great now
I won't cruise past your house when I skate now
I'll leave you be in memories
I don't even know if I could take you
But it hurts to know that I forsake you
Every day
That's how I pay

I wouldn't walk
I wouldn't talk
Without you by my side
I stepped back alone there
And I cried

Cause you never call
You never did
No you don't fall
You never slid
Wish I was you
I was you