Great Miles Old Demo

by Bucolic

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released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Bucolic Pitman, New Jersey

Bucolic is music written and performed by Seth Carpenter.

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Track Name: Makes Fifth
All my sorrys
Calm I'm woke
Tell me what it's like
Darker than the night

Woke up broken
I'll this open
Handing off the mic
Read it as you like

Fill this room and
Fill my heart
Show me how to die
Take away my life

Mold as you please
On my knees
Hoping now I'm right
Take away my strife

Oh I know
I can't ever seem to go
Oh I know
That I'm talking slow
Track Name: Something Less Frustrating
Let's go off find some barren corner
Plant beneath some trees feel our bones ache

My mother father and my brothers
Loved me like no other glad I stayed

Come over, yeah I know you're under
Underneath the weather so they say

I'm holding something worth embracing
Standing here we're facing better days

Catch you always hoping
I was something else
But that there's just in my mind
You'd love me straight to hell

Watch my dear I'm broken
Crooked eyes and strife
Hope all days you'll wish for me
This water gives me life
Track Name: Great Miles Old
Great miles old by Seth Carpenter (Bucolic)

I've never seen somethin so beautiful in my life
Soon autumn lights up covers the ground with the life, lost.

My lover she walked alone along on all the same streets
On different sides maybe at different times so we could meet a bit later

I've grown a lot since all the friends I've lost since I was dim, shooting heroin
It's simple, though only the sick could know what it's like

We rate the summer
We break the ways we know how to lie

Great miles old

Surrounding me things that I can't believe could ever be
As It usually goes, I expected something else entirely